Grace Fellowship Church

a church serving in Meriden, Connecticut

Sunday Service 8am & 10am | Thursday Bible Study 7pm

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What People are saying...

I came to this church, one year ago! I was a brokenhearted vessel, with situations, that had occurred in my life. I was, ministered to at the altar, I felt genuine, loving, compassion, caring, from every one that prayed, and spoke into my life, that morning. I have attended since that day, continue to experience the same, every service. The Pastor's are anointed, if you want to hear, a fiery preacher, this is the church. Worship is phenomenal! Were not just another person in the congregation, we are Family. The Word of God, is taught from Genesis to Revelation. You will not regret, visiting this church, as a matter of fact, it will probably, become your family too. πŸ’•

Pam Howe

Awesome place for fellowship and the word!! I love the compassion that is shown by the congregation and the leaders!!

Jacqueline Colbourne

First time at Grace Fellowship. Most welcoming people and inspiring and uplifting service. Will definitely be back.

Marge Reynolds

I been going to this Church for 5 years Now and I will tell you that I have learned More about Jesus Christ and My Faith has grown so much I have him Everyday in my life "Jesus Christ" and the "Holy Spirit"πŸ™πŸ™ŒAlso the people there are Caring and Loving. This is a great Church "Grace Fellowship Church"πŸ™πŸ™Œ

Isabel Felipe

Grace Fellowship is an extremely loving community. I have attended this church on many occasions and the word is always spoken with love & in a non- judgmental way. This community understands the meaning of fellowship & serving God.

Renee Howell

Grace fellowship makes you feel loved and welcomed when entering the church. If you're looking for a new church to join this is the place to be! Attending services at GFC I know I'm going to get a great word from pastor Highsmith!Β  He gives you the word from the Lord that you need!

Carl Baker

GFC has been essential in my spiritual growth. If you have not visited GFC yet, you must give it a try!

Alex Carrero

Today was a beautiful message from the lord. During alter call, I prayed with my hands in the air and lifted my battles with anxiety and unease up to the lord. I was praising God thanking him for all he has done for me and I became filled with the Holy Ghost. My worries anxiety and all my worries were lifted I not only felt healed instantly but was blessed with speaking in tongues. For that moment it was only God and I. It was a beautiful experience. Thank you GFC!

Jamilet Embler

My husband and I have been at Grace Fellowship for 7 years. The joy and warm, welcoming atmosphere is palpable. Pastor Donald and Pastor Rhea are humble servants of God and show care for others. What struck me the first time we visited, was the diversity of cultures and backgrounds represented by those in the congregation. I remember thinking that it was a little peek of how Heaven will be.


The best place to come to meet new people and praise God and give him glory.

Gloria Sanchez